In this forum, the guidelines are set up for the purpose of sharing important clinical experience of each individual doctor based on actual cases.
When organizing a forum, you will be required to comply with these guidelines. Even after you have started a forum, we may automatically suspend activities and delete cases as soon as we find out that the forum is not in compliance with these guidelines.

1. Respect patients:
Respect patients who have cooperated in using cases for education and research and make the best use of their valuable information

2. Maximum consideration for patient's privacy:
Be sure to obtain patient’s consent to use the patient case information for education and research. Let's delete all the information which can identify personally identifiable information of the patient, always have a discussion with constant consideration to patient’s privacy.

3. Reliability
The person presiding this forum is specialized in the content dealt with in this forum and has deep knowledge and high skills. It is a professional community that can provide mutual understanding by offering and reviewing the content to the members. Besides, remarks are always sincere and honest.

4. Accuracy
The content dealt with in the study group is scientifically correct.

5. Environment in which you can discuss with confidence
The forum community is a place to learn. It is also the attractiveness of the community that discussion is done from various viewpoints such as different perspectives, points of view in different countries, etc. Attacking individuals and comments similar to bullying are not accepted. The community also views learning from experiences of failure and mistakes as being important. Even if we thank you for sharing past failures in principle, members should not blame or attack the failures. We believe that it is important how much many doctors can learn in the forum.

Date of enactment: April 2, 2018