"Cloud case conference room"IImproving case-based medical care! "Cloud case conference room"IImproving case-based medical care!
Sudden schedule change?Away on a business trip?Access cases without geographical restrictions -anytime, anywhere. Sudden schedule change?Away on a business trip?Access cases without geographical restrictions -anytime, anywhere.
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All functions are available to physicians to allow them to share, consult, discuss
and learn in order to acquire more experience, learn superior techniques
and have access to the latest developments and expertise.
Physicians with access to e-casebook
can share their own experiences
online, no matter how far away
from each other they are.


e-casebook users are strictly limited to healthcare professionals only
It is possible to use e-casebook in a closed environment such as in a private group or in an academic meeting or circle.
Secure environment that can be used in the confidence that personal data will not be shared.
Multi-device support. Available anytime, anywhere.

e-casebook is a DICOM data sharing communication tool for the purpose of education and research.
Only doctors who have registered with e-casebook can share data. Patients` personal data is automatically deleted by our specialist software at the time of upload, and all communication is protected through encryption.

Recent Events

e-casebook used to share live cases at the 4th IMC Live CTO Summit.

Updated: February 26th, 2016

The 4th IMC Live Chronic Total Occlusion Summit was held on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th January, 2016 at the International Medical Center in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

In two cathlabs, CTO cases were performed simultaneously by renowned international experts such as Dr. Avran, Dr. Galassi, Dr. Hassan, Dr. Tammam, Dr. Werner and Dr. Yamane.

Case data for live case transmissions that were broadcast real time were shared on e-casebook before the conference, so operators could explain their treatment strategies in advance. In this way, the discussion at the conference was enhanced as conference participants had the opportunity to plan their own strategy for the procedure before the meeting, as if they had they been the Operator. Live Case PCI data was then uploaded onto e-casebook, for case discussion and review by conference participants and the global community of doctors.

As global interest in successful CTO procedures grows, the 4th IMC Live served as the inaugural meeting of the Middle East CTO Club, the first event of its kind in the Middle East region. Click here to become an e-casebook member and view 4th IMC Live expert cases today!

Success Stories


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Satoru Sumitsuji, MD
Associate Professor, Department of Advanced Cardiovascular Therapeutics, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine

You can access e-casebook anywhere in the world, just as long as you have an internet connection!

The Department of Advanced Cardiovascular Therapeutics at Osaka University is currently driving improvements in catheter treatment at overseas hospitals in the form of an "outbound" service in which the doctors themselves personally travel to hospitals all over the world to administer treatment.
While performing this outbound service, case information collected at Osaka University has been regularly shared using e-casebook. By using e-casebook, it has been possible for participants to review difficult cases and treatment information, regardless of their geographical location.

This is one of e-casebook`s key strengths!

e-casebook members can regularly access e-casebook, share detailed case information and communicate with one another - anywhere in the world!

e-casebook Current Clientse-casebook Current Clients

Current e-casebook Clients

  • Osaka University
  • KCJL
  • GOODMAN, Co., Ltd.
  • Complex Cardiovascular Therapeutics (CCT)
  • Boston Scientific Japan
  • Abbott Vascular Japan, Co., Ltd
  • Sapporo Live Demonstration Course
  • Terumo Corporation
  • CTO Seoul Camp

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Client Relationship Flow




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