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All functions are available to physicians to allow them to share, consult, discuss and learn in order to acquire more experience, learn superior techniques and have access to the latest developments and expertise.

Using e-casebook is your opportunity to make these things happen for real!

  • You can discuss while watching DICOM data and videos online
  • You can draw and write comments directly onto the
    image to make specific reference to what you are
  • You can obtain a consensus of opinion amongst
    participants through the voting and questionnaire
  • You can have meaningful real-time
    discussion during the broadcast of
    live procedures.

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e-casebook offers a platform where doctors are able to share their experiences and improved techniques through national and international communities of physicians, thus able to overcome time and geographical constraints.

e-casebook has been developed to offer a platform for users to be able to discuss cases and to be able to share their ideas and successful examples of their clinical trials with selected specialists who they themselves have been able to choose specifically.
In order for users to be able to share their skills and experience based on cases on e-casebook, a viewer has been installed on the browser that enables doctors to see the DICOM data online that doctors usually share on a daily basis in their hospitals. Interactive comments can be made on the case and pictures drawn on images, in order to facilitate a deep and detailed discussion.
In addition to DICOM data, recorded video and live images can also be shared, as well as PowerPoint slide data which has been presented at academic and research meetings.

  • e-casebooke-casebook
  • e-casebooke-casebook
  • e-casebooke-casebook

Use of e-casebook is limited to doctors and healthcare professionals. It is possible to use e-casebook in a closed environment, such as in a private group or in an academic meeting or circle.

e-casebook is limited to medical professionals (doctors and co-medical staff) only.
e-casebook offers both a community service for medical professionals that enables secure discussion and group management functions where membership can be restricted to participants chosen by the group owner.

The use by closure such as groups and the academic meeting units is also possible.The use by closure such as groups and the academic meeting units is also possible.

Secure environment that can be used in the confidence that personal data will not be shared.

Patients` personal information is automatically deleted at the time of upload by our specialist software, after which DICOM data can be shared. All communication on e-casebook is encrypted and the server has been protected with a special framework and firewall to create and maintain a secure environment.

e-casebook has been developed in order also to correspond to various devices. e-casebook has been developed in order also to correspond to various devices.

Multi-device support.
Available anytime, anywhere.

e-casebook has been developed to support multiple devices such as PCs, smart phones and tablets. Participants can join the discussion anytime, anywhere.

Multi-device support.Multi-device support.