Let's share your cases in your own Group

e-casebook Group

A tool for medical case sharing

e-casebook Group is for doctors to share cases and communicate with other medical parties from different hospitals. With DICOM viewer and drawing tool, online medical discussion can be easily clearly completed on e-casebook.

What are the advantages of e-casebook?

Visualizing ideas by drawing

Drawing on the DICOM picture to present and visualize complex ideas.

Safe, secure and reliable

Patient’s personal data included in the DICOM files will be automatically removed when uploading.

Medical discussion on the go

Its accessibility and mobility allow you to discuss and share your ideas wherever you go.

What is Group and Room?

First, gather the people you know to create an organization. Next, divide the group into small teams by creating new rooms.

Dr. Sumitsuji is using e-casebook for daily discussion.